Modern kitchen plans and progress

From the first moment that we decided to build I created a new pinterest board (click here) to keep all my ideas and plans into place! Quickly board after board of each room started taking shape. We met with the builder in February to discuss the kitchen layout and plans. I really wanted the following:

  • Shiplap on the vent hood
  • a black island
  • cupboards to the counter to hide all my counter clutter
  • a microwave in the island
  • open shelves beside the vent hood
  • a tall pantry
  • lots and lots of drawers
  • a coffee station area
  • a farmhouse sink

Kitchen Inspiration

This was a summary of the kitchen that I gave to the builder:

And the mocks ups they created after our meeting:

The tile, door pulls/handles, vent hood will be different but it was a good starting point!

Progress! We are getting there!!

Source list from images above:

Stay tuned for more posts of the kitchen!!

Have a great day and stay safe friends!

Our new build – The Cattail

For years now we have been on the hunt for our family home. We are a blended family of five and my son and I moved in with my partner and his two daughters years ago. Even though we made so many changes to the house it just wasn’t a home that fit our family of five. Finding the right house that would fit all of our needs was proving to be difficult. Then the ‘perfect’ house came on the market. So we quickly got our house ready to sell but the ‘perfect’ house sold before we could say “for sale”. Then a new build around the corner – that wasn’t exactly what we wanted but would ‘work’…. but it sold as well. Our agent talked us into talking to the builder. We thought building was going to be out of our price range – but it wasn’t!!

Then the planning and designing began! We broke ground in the fall of 2019 and things moved quickly! The foundation, framing and electrical were all done BC (before Covid-19). We even got to name our home! I was so excited and we decided to name it THE CATTAIL. In 2016 I started a blog called Cattail Market when I started my journey in selling essential oils. The goal was to be a blog sharing home decor and essential oils – but oils took over (Journey To Wellness with Stacy) and I let the dream of Cattail Market fall.

Fast forward to 2020 (what a year!!)

Building a home during Covid-19 has been interesting. We were very fortunate that I purchased most of the lighting fixtures and vanities early spring as it became harder and harder to source items due to lack of product because of the pandemic.

As our move-in day approached the house kept taking shape more and more each day!! It was so fun to really plan out how each room would look and to settle on the little details that I believe make our home special!

The Plans:

When we started planning I really wanted a white modern farmhouse style home with black windows. That was the direction this home was going in…. then I saw this picture!

Image: BrePurposed

This picture of this beautiful mudroom made me retink my whole modern farmhouse vibe. This picture reset the whole mood of our home. This project is still not complete but it’s the starting point for our home. The modern farmhouse theme quickly changed to modern farmhouse/minimalist/boho/scandanavian/modern feel. Is that even a home style?

I hope that you will follow along on my journey to making our new build our home one diy at a time!!

In the mean time make sure to follow me on my social media platforms! I would love to hear from you!

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